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DOG BREED SELECTIONYour most faithful pet will come to you in many different varieties, which one will you pick? Selecting a dog for your family and then deciding on the dog breed, is a decision that you won’t be able to make too quickly.

If you don’t know all the breeds there are, dog breed selection can be quite a hassle. In an effort to make the process simpler, here’s how it works. The American Kennel Club or the AKC is the single largest registry of dogs in the USA. The AKC today recognizes only 157 dog breeds of the hundreds that do exist. An extra 51 are added under another category. If you and your family have reached the threshold of dog breed selection, do not fear. Here are the breeds.

Groups at the American Kennel Club (AKC) and a tip if you’re choosing from them:

The AKC sorts dogs into seven groups, one class and a separate category known as the Foundation Stock Service.

  • The sporting group, example Retrievers and Spaniels, are a lot like athletes. They’re born alert and are a bundle of energy. They become different people, or dogs, when let out in the woods or even in water so pick this dog breed if you are ready for some real action. Popular sporting dog breeds include the Labrador Retriever and the American Cocker Spaniel.
  • The hound group is a dog breed that is usually associated with hunting. They have a sharp sense of smell and direction, and a dog that belongs to the hound groups will have an unbelievable amount of stamina. Hounds are not the type you may want to pick up and cuddle at night. But if you want a hunter, this dog is it! One of the most popular dog breeds, the Beagle, is a member of the hound group.
  • The working group of dogs, as the name suggests, are workers. They were born to be dutiful and stay by your gate, rescuing objects from water and dragging sleds. The Great Dane and the Doberman are examples of this intelligent, lovable group. ‘Fetch’ is a command this group will love and if you want the epitome of a faithful pet, here’s a dog breed that will be perfect for you.
  • The terrier group is a feisty group that will keep you on your toes. Anyone who has owned a terrier will tell what a vibrant personality it has and you better be able to keep up with it. This dog breed is easily angered by the sight of other dogs and requires special grooming, but will definitely turn out to be an appealing pet. Bring home a Scottish Terrier, one of the most well known dog breeds in this group.
  • The toy group will be your plaything. Small and adorable, they’re usually opted for, by people who cannot afford to have large dogs running around their homes. But dog breed selection requires a little research if you’re picking from this group as the breeds do not share a common function.. The Chihuahua from this group for example, can be a toy that can really bark when angered.
  • The non-sporting group is rich in diversity and when going through dog breed selection, you’ll find quite a number. The group usually consists of dogs that have varying personality types and look different, one from the other. Some dogs of this group are rarely found in homes while some are found all over. The Poodle and the Bulldog are two dog breeds that may ring a bell.
  • The Herding Group is a leader and was born that way. They have the strength and intelligence to control and direct the movement of other animals. In case you’re picking it up for your family, they are sure to do a great job with your children. No kidding. My personal favorite, The German Shepherd dog, is classified under group.
  • For any other dog breed that does not fit into a particular group, there is what you call the miscellaneous class and is currently also a part of the Foundation Stock Service. The class comprises of rare and unique breeds.

Dog breed selection tips:

  • Decide what characteristics you want in the dog that you pick.
  • Never buy a dog from a small time dog dealer. It’s a poor choice.
  • Researching before dog breed selection is very important for picking the right pet.
  • Visit dog shows if you have to before you go through with dog breed selection.
  • Your dog is a member of your family and his breed will determine his traits. So pick wisely!