Von Zyklon Stadt German Shepherds

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Von Zyklon Stadt German Shepherds

We are German Shepherd breeders in Kansas, breeding German Shepherds of European bloodlines.  Our goal is to maintain the German Shepherd breed as the loyal, dignified, courageous, working dog, and companion, it was designed to be. Through selective breeding of only pure European bloodlines, we can preserve attributes from some of the greatest German Shepherds of the past.  

We carefully follow the blueprint of our program, never deviating out of greed, grandiosity, or politics. Honesty, integrity, and responsibility, are above all else when it comes to breeding German Shepherd Dogs, and connecting with our purchasers. If unable to retain these core values; then we could not, in good conscious, call ourselves German Shepherd Dog Breeders.

Our dogs are health, temperament and performance tested.  When you purchase a Von Zyklon Stadt puppy, you can rest assured you are purchasing the very best German Shepherd there is to offer, and from a breeder that will always be there to assist you forever.

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Lisa Peterson
(913) 313-7839
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Heath Guarantee
2 Year Health Guarantee
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Health Testing
OFA Cardiac Evaluation
OFA Elbows
OFA Hips
DNA Based Degenerative Myelopathy
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