Caring for your Pets in Winter

Caring for your Pets in WinterWinter can be harsh in certain parts of the country. We have been providing air conditioning services in Orlando since 1986, and we know the perils pets face once temperatures start soaring, but there is also danger associated with falling temperatures, too. Keep your pets safe, healthy and happily protected from the cold winter months by following our tips below for caring for your pets in winter.

Outdoor Care

Avoid staying outside for long periods of time with your pets and clean their paws carefully after any time spent outdoors. There may be traces of salt or anti-freeze chemicals in them which can irritate your pets if ingested.

Remember that pets that spend a lot of time outside during the cold winter months need extra calories in order to stay warm. If you keep your pets outdoors during winter, use plastic containers for their food and water. (Metal containers can freeze and your pets can accidentally get their tongues stuck on them.) Make sure you keep your pet’s house elevated from the cold ground and put matting on the floor to help retain heat.

Indoor Care

Place your pet’s bed away from drafts; avoid cold tiles or un-carpeted floors. Provide thicker blankets for them to snuggle under at night. Avoid using space heaters; if you must use them, make sure your pets do not come in direct contact with them. Your pets may be naturally attracted to a warm fire to help them fight the chill in the air. Make sure they cannot come close enough to the fire to be burned.

The cold can aggravate certain medical conditions your pet faces. Pay close attention to your pet’s behavior and contact your vet for any signs of worrisome symptoms.

When all is said and done, remember that the best way to keep your pets safe during winter is to keep them close to you. There’s nothing like the warmth of a caring and loving companion to keep the winter chills away.

October 15, 2013